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An extraordinary idea anchored in everyday reality

An innovative idea often begins life as just that: an idea. But then it can take years to find a market. GroundBot started off the other way around – as an answer to a need.

European Space Agency
GroundBot was initially designed for extraterrestrial exploration. The European Space Agency was looking for a vehicle that could explore the surface of Mercury.

The vehicle needed excellent all-terrain performance. It also had to be virtually breakdown-free since the nearest help would have been millions of miles away. So reliability was prioritized.

Although GroundBot never made it into space, our development philosophy has remained the same: to answer real market needs.

Need-driven development
Security companies are interested in new technology that can differentiate their offering and cut their costs. From the beginning, we have been working in close co-operation with market-leading actors in the security industry.

Together we have further developed specifications and fine-tuned the performance of GroundBot. Letters of intent have turned into collaborative projects, which have lead to prototype orders.

GroundBot is a revolutionary idea that is firmly anchored in the no-nonsense reality of the market. Thanks to the hands-on involvement of our partners, GroundBot has had operational reliability built into its genes.


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