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Because things should just work

Technology should just work. As we see it, the most sophisticated equipment should also be the simplest to use.

This has been our guiding principle in developing GroundBot. Robots are by nature sophisticated pieces of technology. But that’s no reason why they should be complicated to use or difficult to own.

Let’s you get on with it
We see it as our job to let you get on with your job. That’s why we have developed a robust platform that can get out of tight corners by itself and that is virtually breakdown-free. That’s also why GroundBot is easy to steer by hand and simple to automate. And that’s why we’ve kept the user interface as free from graphical clutter as possible.

The simplicity of a sphere

The spherical design is simplicity itself. With its large circumference, GroundBot takes all kinds of terrain in its stride. And yet its appearance is friendly and unthreatening.

Inside, all cameras and sensors are sealed off from the outside world. This means that they are protected from bangs and knocks. In addition, the outside world is protected from potential electrical sparks when GroundBot is investigating gas leaks.


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