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A very ungraphical user interface

Handling thousands of lines of code is our job. Yours is to keep people and places safe. We take care of the data streams, so you can take care of security.

GroundBot helps you do a better job in three ways –

  1. We’ve kept the monitors clear of any unnecessary informational clutter. This allows guards to give guarding their undivided attention.

  2. The unfolding scene transmitted from GroundBot is not a graphical representation of reality, but the real thing, in real-time, in panoramic 3D.

  3. You see a computer-generated image of GroundBot super-imposed into the real-time video stream, so that you know exactly where you are, and where you want to go. It’s know as Augmented Reality.

MPEG-4 for plug-and-play integration
You can integrate GroundBot with existing systems with plug-and-play simplicity. The video streams are transmitted via MPEG-4 wrapped in RTP/RTSP. In other words, GroundBot is easy to integrate with virtually any legacy system.


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