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The no-hassle robot

Mobile surveillance robots are supposed to cut costs. But if they keep getting into trouble and need help, they can prove to be expensive.

GroundBot is unlike any other mobile robot on the market – it was originally designed to explore other planets. In other words, the nearest helping hand would have been millions of miles away.

So, we had one overriding aim: to develop a robot that would be extremely reliable.

On-road, off-road and over-water

GroundBot moves through mud, sand and snow without getting stuck. Here’s how:

Keeping it light
GroundBot is surprisingly light. Conventional surveillance robots, tipping the scales at over 200 kg, have a tendency to get bogged down in soft, unresisting surfaces. GroundBot weighs just 25 kg and can roll across all kinds of surfaces with ease.

Taking everything in its stride
The other reason why GroundBot can handle all kinds of terrain is its sheer size. Most robots are scaled down versions of the real thing. GroundBot, with its 60 cm diameter, is slightly larger than a standard automobile tire. This means it just rolls over uneven surfaces taking them in its stride.

And because GroundBot is sealed and has such a low density it can even float!



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