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Safe and sealed

When you send cameras and other sensors across the solar system, you don’t want them to get damaged once they get there. That was one of the reasons for using a spherical mobile platform: everything is protected inside the sphere.

Protecting the payload
When you want to know what’s going on in your backyard, you need to be able to rely on your electronic eyes and ears. With GroundBot you can. There’s nothing sticking out that can get caught, damaged or broken off since all cameras and sensors are safely stowed away inside the sphere.

In addition to this, the entire system is hermetically sealed from the outside world.
This has two advantages –

One: sand cannot get inside GroundBot and cause problems in the moving parts.

Two: GroundBot can be used to investigate suspected gas leaks, since the gas cannot come into contact with electrical sparks generated by the robot’s motor.

GroundBot is also tough. It’s designed to take knocks and drops and, of course, it doesn’t have problems with overturning.




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