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A quiet and efficient operator

GroundBot is extremely efficient. Despite its low weight, GroundBot gives you the same robust performance figures you get from robots ten times heavier.

For example, GroundBot can run in most terrains at up to 10 km/h (6 mph). It can operate for 8-16 hours depending on mission profile, while taking just 3-4 hours to recharge.

This is how it works
The secret to its efficiency is the ingenious, patented drive mechanism.

A controlled pendulum keeps the center of gravity very close to the inside surface of the sphere. At rest, the center of gravity is close to the ground.

To create momentum, a built-in motor raises the pendulum. This changes the center of gravity and GroundBot begins to roll in the direction that the pendulum has been moved.

Any which way
It is a system that is as simple as it is efficient. GroundBot can move backwards and forwards. Acceleration and deceleration are fast and smooth. Move the pendulum to the side, and GroundBot turns.

Virtually silent
Not only does it take very little energy to drive GroundBot, but virtually no noise is generated either.
So GroundBot moves around without drawing attention to itself.



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