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Less is much more

Research shows that when operators are overloaded with information, they perform their main task, guarding, less efficiently. We’ve kept the user interface simple so that guards can do what they do best – analyze situations and take decisions.

When using a mobile sensor platform like GroundBot, the first step in reducing cognitive overload is to simplify navigation. GroundBot can be steered manually or programmed to automatically follow a route.

Intuitive manual control
We’ve made manual control as intuitive as driving an arcade game. With our patented system software, operators get real-time, panoramic video streams in 2D or 3D.

Because GroundBot is easy to steer – new operators get the hang of it in minutes –guards can spend more time and energy looking for anything unusual. And the real-time, near-reality video images heighten the feeling that you are right there, out in the field.

Automatic navigation with GPS and dead-reckoning
Programming automated routes couldn’t be simpler. Operators select way points on a map with mouse clicks which GroundBot will then follow. You can even preselect different camera pan, tilt and zoom settings for different sections of the route.

Route accuracy is ensured by using both GPS and dead-reckoning. GPS provides precision; dead-reckoning offers continuity in radio shadows.

Un-Graphical User Interface
To further lighten the cognitive load on operators, we’ve kept the interface as free from unnecessary information as possible. Apart from the live video streams, the only additional information displayed is the battery level and a direction indicator. This allows guards to give guarding their undivided attention.

The patented interface and navigation software can of course be adapted for use with other robotic and surveillance systems.

MPEG-4 for plug-and-play integration
You can integrate GroundBot with existing systems with plug-and-play simplicity. The video streams are transmitted via MPEG-4 wrapped in RTP/RTSP. In other words, GroundBot is easy to integrate with virtually any legacy system.


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