GroundBot began life answering a very real need: to explore Mercury for the European Space Agency. The development of GroundBot, through four prototypes, has always occurred in a close working relationship with the market.

Letters of intent have turned into collaborative projects, which have lead to prototype orders. GroundBot is an extraordinary idea that is firmly anchored in the workaday reality of the market.


  • Research started at Ångström Space Technology Center for the Mercury-project (ordered by ESA)


  • Rotundus AB incorporated
  • Sales of early prototype


  • Sales of 3rd generation prototype
  • Development of next generation prototype


  • Swedish patent granted
  • Development of 3rd generation prototype for market testing
  • LOI with one of the world’s leading international security contractors concerning testing and selling of GroundBot
  • Trademark registered


  • LOI with an international security solutions supplier concerning testing, selling products and joint structures
  • 4th generation prototype completed
  • Sales of 4th generation prototype and robot system to an international security solutions supplier


  • Development of navigation system for navigation indoors and outdoors
  • Development of 3D Augmented Reality User Interface
  • Two new patents filed: “Image generation system” – software for using video streams to quickly establish a real-time 3D graphical user interface, and system software “Unitary rolling vehicle”
  • First commercial sale: major international security provider purchases GroundBot
  • Winner of Best of What’s New 2008 in Popular Science in the Security Category.